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The 5 questions I am going to ask myself everyday

While having a discussion about growth and aspirations in life, I got a feedback that I am not an ambitious person. Though this was an objective feedback, still it came as a blow to me. It disturbed me and as usual I disturbed my 2 A M buddy to help me out with this. A… Continue reading The 5 questions I am going to ask myself everyday

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Wearing the other hat..

“As experts, we would suggest you to plan your implementation strategy as..” Often in the role of a Consultant and an expert in the domain, we (as in my company and equally true for me as an individual) do recommend and support our clients who are in the process of evaluating or implementing reporting solutions.… Continue reading Wearing the other hat..

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When nothing teaches something..

One of those times when you think you have done some work (and actually you have done) but the end output has nothing what you contributed. How would you react it? Feel happy that task is complete, so what if your work is not directly reflected in it? Or Feel frustrated thinking why the hell… Continue reading When nothing teaches something..

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