Let them think, observe and be creative

I have always been fascinated by WarliArt. The simplicity and consistency attracts me (I think). I have now started learning the Warli art form. From the few attempts that I have made, one thing I have realised, any art form is like meditation. It helps to focus and concentrate on the moment and on the task.… Continue reading Let them think, observe and be creative

Poetic Corner · Reflections

As they see it !!

"Mammaaaaaaaaaaaa" I hear a panicked voice but that doesn't alarm me. Rather I start wondering what's new (drama) today. Its morning, time to get up and get ready for school. Drama, arguments, cajoling etc. is a morning routine. Coolly, I continued to assemble her (my 6 year old daughter) school items. She came running to… Continue reading As they see it !!