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Always taken by a surprise

From the range of books (and also movies), I have read so far, mystery (or rather the unravelling of mysteries) is my favourite genre. And when it comes to crime mystery, Agatha Christie is one of the bests. I still remember the awe which I was in, after reading the first Agatha Christie (it was… Continue reading Always taken by a surprise

Book Reviews

Another Mystery revealed

The other day in some conversation I said “If I had to draw parallels to this…” and I realised the influence of Miss Marple on me. Well, I must admit even otherwise, I do try to connect related (and unrelated) things. Another Agatha Christie thriller I gulped down; A Caribbean Mystery featuring Miss Marple. What… Continue reading Another Mystery revealed


The Mystery Queen

And that's none other than Agatha Christie. I would have read around 40 odd detective novels till date and aim is to cover all (in this lifetime). Of the ones which I have read, the following ones are awesome (actually all are, but I wasn't able to recollect the plots of all the mysteries)