Poetic Corner

The answer can be ME

Don't reinvent the wheel, Follow set practices Learn from the mistakes of others Listen to the advice of our forefathers Some pearls of wisdom as they say Could come your way As Solicited opinion or otherwise While in the pursuit of new highs Good as guidance Great as checkpoint Bad as boundary Worse as starting… Continue reading The answer can be ME

Book Reviews

Be a catalyst

As a kid, I was always interested in astronomy but science, in particular physics never interested me. Other branches of science i.e. chemistry and biology, weren't appealing either. I remember studying (or should I reading) catalyst in chemistry. Something to do with making the chemical reaction quicker. Many years later, I came across an article… Continue reading Be a catalyst


The road to digital transformation

Having worked in data, design and analytics field for quite sometime (actually good number of years), anything and everything that I see and experience, goes through the cycle of observation and analysis (also introspection) and in a (sometimes ending) loop. At times, there are interesting findings and repeat instance of such findings, takes it to… Continue reading The road to digital transformation