Falling into a routine, rather rising

#Now In recommended reads on Medium, an article on how to jumpstart mornings showed up and more for curiosity than for intent to follow, I started reading. Before even reaching the how or rather what does the author do, my grey cells are activated. #Memory Recall 1 Some weeks ago, on a pleasant Sunday morning… Continue reading Falling into a routine, rather rising


The road to digital transformation

Having worked in data, design and analytics field for quite sometime (actually good number of years), anything and everything that I see and experience, goes through the cycle of observation and analysis (also introspection) and in a (sometimes ending) loop. At times, there are interesting findings and repeat instance of such findings, takes it to… Continue reading The road to digital transformation

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The Fast and Furious February

One of those times (and fortunately not amongst the frequent ones) when I realise how much I am relying on technology to keep myself reminded of pretty little things. The habit of starting the day with powerful and positive quotes is continuing as usual. I religiously maintain the list of all these wonderful sayings. Well, it's not… Continue reading The Fast and Furious February