Poetic Corner

What will be my Patronus?

In the lifeless night Or the darkest hour You need to hold on To someone or to something That gives you the courage And gives you the power Patronus as JK Rowling called Harry and fellows used the charm Life sucking acts of a dementor Just got stalled If I had a Patronus, Wonder what… Continue reading What will be my Patronus?

Poetic Corner

Each one and the other

Each one thinks the other is at fault Letting the misunderstandings stay And bringing relationships to a halt Each one thinks the other doesn't apprehend Want others to be empathetic The understanding shouldn't be a mere pretend Each one thinks the other has ego Go by how it's said, hold the grudge Closing the doors… Continue reading Each one and the other

Poetic Corner

What is it that you want in (from??) life !!

The enlightened one Gets going with his talk Matter of minutes Talk turns into conversation Thoughts get discussed Setting the stage for introspection Between birth and death is life Ordinary or adventurous Long or short Contented or internal strife Different shades, varied experiences One can see either some or all In the journey called life… Continue reading What is it that you want in (from??) life !!