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I will continue for the rest of the months too..

If you are wondering what’s the title all about, you need to check out one of my earlier blogs. It was back then I had optimistically thought that it’s gonna be a monthly affair. Well, it still is. Just that I missed summarising it for the month for Dec. And given that I missed it… Continue reading I will continue for the rest of the months too..

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An act of Discipline +

‘I need to attend to some urgent work’ said the teacher and instructed the students to carry on with their lessons. ‘I’d be back in half an hour’ she said hurrying off to get the work done. The teacher managed to finish her work in about 20 min and rushed back to the class only… Continue reading An act of Discipline +

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When the experienced one speaks…

  Hello Team, Last year on this day, you all gave me a pleasant surprise and probably a larger than life experience by celebrating my 10th work anniversary. Even now the memories are fresh in my mind, as if it happened just yesterday. It was one of those times which makes you realise building relationships… Continue reading When the experienced one speaks…

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