Journey towards the pink of health

For the Pink of health. Literally.

On the spur of the moment, I enrolled for an upcoming marathon.

While at the back of my mind, I knew completing it wouldn’t be a challenge. Worst case scenario, I will walk and finish. But then, it no longer remains a challenge.

Finishing within a timeframe makes it a clear goal. And so I set a target for myself (plan B of walking remains).

To achieve the set goal, the actual act of running is needed. Not just once in a while but consistently. In other words, overcome procrastination. If excuses like “Oh I don’t have proper shoes” and “These earphones don’t fit well”, were not enough. the universe conspired too. Unseasonal rains !!

After a few “tomorrows” that never came, the deadline for no-more-postponing beyond this date came.

No matter what, I am gonna start today I decided and once again the universe conspired. I made the first move.

A healthy body and active lifestyle are no longer options but a necessity. That’s the ultimate goal. Marathon is a means to achieve that goal.

The way to get started is to quit talking and being doing

Walt Disney

And perhaps writing too.

The path which takes to the pink of health, I took literally !!


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