Poetic Corner

My Tiny Garden

I always wished to have – a cozy reading corner and a garden of my own. However, staying in city, I am deprived of this luxury. However, having a few plants is something I definitely have managed. And its a delight and satisifcation to see the plants grow. Every morning, the first thing I do is check out my plants, water them, caress and talk to them.

In the process of setting up, if I can call, a garden in my window grill, I have done couple of goof-ups. The result was my plants died. It was a terrible feeling. Learning from the tough failures (and advice from expert gardeners) now things are bit stable.

Seeing my tiny garden, this is what I feel –

Rose didn’t survive
Okhra didn’t grow
Dhaniya dried
With every planting fiasco
My heart silently cried

Tulsi stands nice and tall
Tomato shoots are cute and small
Hibiscus flowers are on the rise
Methi just caught me by surprise

Every new development I observe
I wish my plants will get all they deserve
Sunlight, water, soil and air
Loads of love and tonnes of care

Nature’s creation is indeed divine
It’s a bliss to nurture,
what I proudly call mine
Seeing my tiny garden blossom
I just feel so awesome !!!

#Dhaniya – Corriander, #Okhra – Ladies Finger

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