Poetic Corner

If my bicycle could speak

A year or two ago, I had bought a bicycle. Reason? Fitness goal.

However, it remained unused and idle. Not because I didn’t manage to take out some time, but because of my fear, rather fears.

Will I be able ride smoothly?

Would I be able to judge my movement if I get on the main road?

What if there are stray dogs around?

and the list was long. As a result I found excuses and my bicycle got a lonely parking place.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a tweet caught my attention – What we cannot afford? and I wrote my views on it and one of them was “not overcoming fear”

Thats when I decided to get back to cycling. And thinking

I have so many childhood memories associated with my bicycle and cycling.

So if my bicycle could speak, one thing for sure, it would put a brake on my chain of thoughts

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