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Master the techniques, not the tools

It barely took an hour or so to finish reading the book; however as the master said

“Teaching it (the way of bow) isn’t hard. I could do that in less than an hour, while we’re walking back to the village. The difficult thing is to practice it every day until you achieve the necessary precision.”

Should I say, like always, Paulo Coelho has hit the nail, instead, in this case, hit the target with an arrow?

If The Alchemist inspires to dream and chase dreams, The Archer teaches how to achieve those dreams. The goal, the vision, the aspiration can be anything, and to accomplish one needs determination and discipline. 

What could be better than conveying these profound messages in the form of a story and with illustrations!

If you observe any profession and any person who has attained expertise in their area, at a high level, the pattern is more or less the same. 

  • Willingness to put efforts
  • Flexibility, adaptability and perseverance 
  • Focus and mindfulness
  • Belief in self and own actions
  • Resilience
  • Support of genuine well-wishers and critics
  • Practice, practice and more practice

The tools used to gain mastery are just the means, and the ultimate goal is to make it an inseparable part of the self. As one begins the quest, the tools and techniques using some tangible props or definite instructions in the initial days. Once the essence, the basic message is understood and attained, then become the way of living.

 Various stages, the perspectives, some must-haves etc. of this way of living has been explained using bow and arrow.

The Archer is a crisp book with deep meaning. While reading can be quick, the application of it matters the most.

A must-read recommendation from me.  

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