Thank you 2020… for the lessons and opportunities

And it’s a wrap for 2020. Hope in 2021 we would successfully wipe off the sticky and not-even-wanting-to-remember virus.

While for some the year has more challenging, more emotionally draining, more problematic, for many others this has been a year of discovering their potentials and nurturing new hobbies. Many of us were on the ground and their counterparts who managed to hold the fort.

Net-net experiences and learnings like never before.

I reflected how this year was for me, and one biggest realisation is that I am one the privileged and blessed ones. Life remained almost as usual for me except the frequent washing of hands, sanitising everything that enters the house, doing the dishes, dusting the house, cooking every single day, and last but not the least managing online school.

I am looking forward to stepping into a hopeful and refreshing New Year and thought why to have a recap of my most favourite musings and creations of 2020

Book of the Year
Call it a coincidence, but during the lockdown, I finally finished reading or rather getting the essence of the book – Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Autobiography of Holocaust survivor made me introspect and discover my life’s meaning. And it is work-in-progress.

Blog of the Year
Cooking and doing the dishes was the new “me” time. I had ample time to think, ponder and have philosophical conversations with myself. One such eureka moment was while kneading dough for making chapattis.

Poetry of the Year
My poetic soul had a blast. I enjoyed expressing my thoughts. Because you.. is the one which makes to the memorable list because it has a lot of positive vibes

Realisation of the Year
Courtesy my little girl

So that is in a nutshell my year.

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