Poetic Corner

Those moments of pride

Tedious and grilling task, stringent deadlines, no room for errors and iterations, limited resources and as a result pressure just builds up.

And not to ignore, fastidious clients.

In such circumstances, the accomplishment of tasks brings more than just satisfaction and happiness. Words of appreciation flow in…

For the ones who has done the task. You are not that one, but still you experience the joy and pleasure and peace..

.. I feel this everytime my team member has achieved something. In their glory, my inner being glows.

In my 15 years of working, I have been part of and also led many teams. With some members the bonding has been great, with some it remained only for work related matters. Many are now working in different parts of the world, yet in touch and the bond still is the same.

There have been so many moments when they have ensured to keep me posted about their progress and whereabouts. The ones with whom I am working, directly or occassionally, I try to keep myself updated about them but there have been misses too.

And while all this is in my mind, I receive an appreciation email for my teammate and with every line, my smile was getting wider and wider…

To all my team mates, wherever you are.. do you best. My best wishes are with you always.

Keep making me proud..

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