Poetic Corner

The science behind being Happy

Recently, I learnt that hormones work behind the scenes which make us feel good and happy. I have been trying go down the memory lane to see if I recollect studying about it in school or did I ever come across it my reads. Either the answer is no, or I don’t remember. But that anyways is not the point here.

Hormones make you happy and there are foods and activities which get these hormones working. So simple. Is it doable? Well, by all means, yes.

Just summarising what I understood about the various types of happy hormones

Be grateful, Be generous
Pour in appreciations
Show your care
Happiness will start flowing
Dopamine can swear

Be compassionate, Be kind
Help as much as you can
Spread sunshine around
Serotonin brings joy inbound 

Be loving, Be affectionate
Express your love
With words, touch or a just look
Oxytocin breaks the ceiling
Leaving you with happy feeling

Be active, Be energetic
Workout, Zumba, Dance or Yoga
A bit of dark chocolate and lots of laughter
Endorphin will free you from all the pain
Your mind and body stand to gain

Everyone wants to happy
In their own way
Get to know your hormones
As they have a role to play

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