Book Reviews

Lets get wooed..

Wooed by Mr.Charming, as the title clearly indicates, is a romantic novel by Dee James.  

A cute little story reinstating the power of love. Summarising the plot in a poetic way..

For her,

He is the Prince Charming

Her heart yearns for him

But what makes her stop?

Why is her mind giving a warning?

For him

She is Ms. Right

With her, he feels home

Not wanting to lose her, he keeps mum

Such strange is his plight

Though a fiction, a love story with happy ending (glad else I would have been sad), there is a deep solace one can find while reading.

No matter what size, shape, race, gender, age; being loved, being taken care of and having someone to lean on, everyone needs. Some are lucky enough to find easily, while some face hardships to find their someone special. The insecurities which we have of losing, of hurting, of committing and of not being perfect, makes us take the steps which takes us away from our near ones.

Yet as they say, love finds its way.

And this journey is beautifully depicted by Dee James.

All those who enjoy romantic genre, should get Wooed by this book.

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