Poetic Corner

To all Products people

You think hard, You deep dive
You extrapolate, You anticipate
You unlearn to better learn
To gauge unknown at every turn

It looks straight-forward
It seems quite easy
You jump on it just to realise
Its also tedious and tricky

Experience of yesterday
Needs of today
Readiness for tomorrow
You want to have it all
But bound by limitations
You got to  make a tough call

Necessity or convenience
Workaround or resilience
Perfection or implementation
General or exception
Immediate or future provision

You need to get the right mix
And keep moving as the time ticks

Your assumptions get challenged
Your approach gets questioned
You update, you tweak
You change, you improve
With every iteration
You get better
Closer to what you seek

Backed by experience
Guided by expertise
Driven by passion
You have the will and the skill
To make your own way

In the hindsight when you see
No matter, if you started late
No matter, if the start was difficult
All that matters, you started well
And whats starts well, that works well

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