Poetic Corner · Reflections

Accept, Adapt, Ascend

The fast paced life
Appears to be standstill
Uncertainty around us
Anxiety within us
Not used to confinement
Hence the time now
for new alignment

Hassled and dismayed
For routine has one haywire
Think of it, What if now you can
Build a routine you aspire?

Away from people and informal interaction
But closer to self and mindful introspection

Forced to do your own work
Actually makes you self reliant
New systems and additional processes
For the work from home be efficient

From impulse indulgence
To mindful spending
From liberal consumption
To thoughtfully using
A lot has changed
A lot more to be changed

Lockdown ain’t same for all
Some struggle for needs
Some stranded away from home
Some step out to fulfill their duties
Some step in to help the ones alone

Some like us are still blessed
Safe indoors in our cozy nest
Roof on head, money in hand
But still complain, still are worried
For things are not happening as were planned

Easier said than done for some
Changes in the lifestyle
And shift in attitude
Let us all try to welcome

This pandemic, this lockdown is teaching us a lot more
Perhaps the forgotten values which resonates with our core

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