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The Gift

Sunday newspaper, especially the supplement and even within that Ozone column, is one of the things I look forward to. Ideas, thoughts, and perspectives, which I can relate to. Somehow, there is a deep connection with the thoughts in my mind, my current mood and sentiments and the article that appears on the Sunday. This time it was on personal goodwill and it started as

Of all the investments I have made in life, the only one that keeps coming back to me manifold is that of goodwill and kindness.

After reading the first line, the first thought in my mind was.. there could be a handful which I feel good about and one of those is my Consulting Team.

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, the men of our team gave presents to the women members of the team. This is not the first time not it is a one-way flow where only Women’s Day is celebrated. There is a great bonding in the team, and I feel great satisfaction to see the same, though I am no longer directly working with them.

That’s my Consulting Team, who has always made me proud, by their work and also by these gestures of respect and affection.

This year marks 15 years of me being associated with my organisation. I started as an analyst, set up the Consulting Practice and moved on to Products. I still remember the celebration and the surprise party they all had arranged for me when I had completed a decade. One of the most cherishable moments in my life.

Being in same office, we do bump into each other, and into informal conversations and celebrations. No matter how bad I am in reciprocating affection, I always happen to be in their consideration set. Simply lucky me.

And that’s not all. New memories get added. One such was in the form of an unexpected gift.

A gesture that shows
An action that proves
Wherever you are
Wherever they are
You are fondly remembered
Whatever you do
Whatever they do
You are always considered

People who
Love you, Respect you
Care for you, Pray for you
Want to see you smile
Make life worthwhile

Life moves on
Time passes by
Some people still are around
Some could have said good-bye
Life changes even for you
Responsibilities are different
Priorities shift
But then reminder comes
in form of an unexpected gift

Tonnes of happiness
Loads of smiles
And bestest wishes
For my people, For my dears
With whom I have grown
And a heartfelt gratitude
For all the affection shown

Thank you , Team, for the love and respect, as always.

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