Poetic Corner

Look at the rainbow

Hey little one, look over there
Nature has put up its amazing show
Up in the sky, flaunting vibrant colours
Is the beautiful pattern called as rainbow

Wow, Mumma,
Its lovely and Its pretty
But tell me something
Everyday, Everytime
Why don’t we get to see

Sunshine and rain
Together make the rainbow
The science behind it
In some years, you’ll get to know

For now, not only beauty
But there is more one can appreciate
Nature from its wonders
Teaches us, Guides us
From hidden messages
To evident clues
You can learn, You can be wise
Only if you can observe and correlate

Tough times and pain
If you equate to rain
Belief in self,
True friends by your side
Determination and grit
Will be your sunshine
Your rays of hope
For you to make your own rainbow
Draw the strength you need to cope

You much you think
So much you talk
Only have one question
Rainbow has so many colours
But why not pink?

Oh yes, I know
I went overboard
But obvious you’re bored
Lets change the track
Colours of rainbow
You already know
Colouring the same finely
You better knack

One fine day, Or on a rainy day
When we see rainbow high up in the sky
We’ll dwell in the philosophy of how and why

And why not pink
Let me doublethink !!



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