Every first time, I feel happy

An incident happened a few days ago, and still lingering in my mind. Why should it when its not for the first time I have gone through such experience.

The incident – We hit the first milestone for one of the products currently I am working on. Well, the word milestone is perhaps an exaggeration. It is an absolutely preliminary step where our application needs to connect to the Government’s system and get a response. We did it successfully and that was enough for me to feel elated.

Just a bit background first. India is implementing e-invoicing and the application being talked here is a solution for businesses to help them meet the Government’s mandate. In my 14+ years of work experience, I have worked on a couple of such products and so previously also have been through the excitement of getting the first time response. 

All these years, there have been many first times of different nature – first pay check, first client meeting, first presentation, first independent project, first SAAS product, first mobile app etc. Feeling excited for the new first times and break-throughs, understood.

When it comes to tried and tested applications which are implemented in new manner or for a new branch where in-principle working is the same and you know things will work, still can someone feel elated?

I did, rather I do. This time, I wondered why so? 

Application giving the expected response, the first time (whether or not in first attempt) makes me feel happy. 

Some funny, some sarcastic, some philosophical and some naive reasoning I came with. This being a late post, will list whatever I recollect –

  1. Humans (liberally generalising) are few steps ahead of systems (I strongly believe) and hence they like to see are systems behaving as they are supposed to
  2. Understanding theory is fine, but real test of knowledge is its application. In case of ‘software’ application, its working and giving the desired result
  3. Because I am from a non-technology background, when technology works it seems like magic
  4. For a non-technology person (like me), feeling that they now understand technology (how it works and how it will work) better
  5. It is a sign of being in the right direction.
  6. The first door to success is opened. The first hurdle passed.
  7. It reinstates the belief in yourself that you are applying your knowledge and understanding correctly
  8. Also reinstates trust in team as whole and that all have played their part well and correctly to reach here
  9. It gives you the opportunity to scream and tell the world – we have done it. Cutting edge over competitors (they could also have done it, considering trivial nothing to be gung-ho about it)
  10. Token of appreciation. (Hard) work pays off.

Let me stop here. I know no limits when it comes to thinking. My grey cells are always active.

Whatever be the reason, rather there need not be any reason to feel happy. Quantum or degree of milestone, length and breadth of achievement doesn’t matter. As as long as things are moving in positive direction and as long as you are learning, be happy for every first time



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