Poetic Corner

The one and only.. Simply ME

The physical me. The internal me.
The creative me. The imaginative me.
The perfect me. The real me.
The focused me. The lost me.

So many MEs, and many more
Some are soft, some always roar
Some peacefully co-exist
Respect the other’s space
Some are so obstinate
With them only conflicts take place

Together or with self
They deliberate. They debate
They suggest. They dictate
Be it healthy
Or with lots of stress
My grey cells get utilised
Often in excess

Also there is a special ME
Showing concern, Saying don’t worry
It understands the pressure
My grey cells carry

Each ME, please listen
If you gotta flourish
Take some time off
Let the grey cells rejuvenate
Let the grey cells nourish
Once a while take some rest
For your own good, it’s the best

Explains and advises the special ME
And that’s none other than

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