Let them think, observe and be creative

I have always been fascinated by WarliArt. The simplicity and consistency attracts me (I think).

I have now started learning the Warli art form. From the few attempts that I have made, one thing I have realised, any art form is like meditation. It helps to focus and concentrate on the moment and on the task. Mind doesn’t wander. I have collated all my paintings so far here.

My kid is very restless and so I thought of making “my” learning as “our” learning exercise and a fun activity to be done together. Though at this stage, I myself am beginner at Warli art, I decided to teach how to draw Warli figures.

Here it how it goes

She : I want to make dancing Warli figures.

She loves dancing and as of today her aim to become a dance teacher when she grows up.

Me: Ok 😐. 

I made the first one with dotted lines for her to trace and she made the remaining two. Increasing order of height.

She : They are Baby- Mamma-Papa.

Me: Ok  🙂

She : I want to make it colourful.

Typically Warli maintains are in mono-tone, mostly white on dark background.

Me : Ok. Use colours which look nice together.

What a vague instruction !!. Nonetheless, she coloured the first one and was excited.

She :Warlis are looking are watermelon

Me: Nice. 😊

She: For second one, I will use dark green as some watermelons are dark green

Me: Wow. 😍

After finishing all three figures

She: I want to write my name and date as you do. And also name of this pose and that the theme is watermelon. Can you help me spellings?”.

I was impressed.

Me: Sure 

She was quite happy and pleased with the her own drawing and I was with her creativity and thought process

She : Mamma, tomorrow we’ll make Mango Warlis

Me : Sure. 😄😘

As they say tomorrow never comes and it didn’t. Hoping we’ll continue our painting and fun activity in future. 

Whole exercise of painting, colouring and conversation, took about half an hour or so. And most of the duration, she was deeply engaged and focused. It works !!

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