Poetic Corner · Reflections

As they see it !!


I hear a panicked voice but that doesn’t alarm me. Rather I start wondering what’s new (drama) today. Its morning, time to get up and get ready for school. Drama, arguments, cajoling etc. is a morning routine.

Coolly, I continued to assemble her (my 6 year old daughter) school items. She came running to me with almost teary eyes. While she is good at acting, the look on her face showed sheer disappointment or rather broken trust. Thats when I realised the gravity of  situation.

“There is no gift Mamma”

I was lost in thoughts recollecting had I promised something.

“And the tooth is still there”

Bingo ! I understood what the panic was about.

Her first milk tooth came off and tooth fairy was supposed to collect the tooth and leave a gift and some coins. I had brought her something but the role-play required to keep the gift besides her pillow and take away the tooth. I missed this part.

Now I had to restore the trust and so some fancy stories and she was happy and smiling again.

Expressions on her face and the transition from panic to heart-broken to cheerful, deeply impacted me. With children, you have to be so mindful of what you do and what you say and most importantly, keep your word.

Their values and beliefs are shaping up. As you sow, so shall you reap !!