Poetic Corner

My words

If my words could feel,
If my words could speak
What would they say I wonder and I think

Would my words feel good
When I insist to spell it right
With MS Word and Google
And machines to check
Getting the spellings wrong
Is really a sad plight

Would my words think
I am being  insane
For what’s in a name
Substance matters not form
So what if the spelling goes wrong

Would my words be annoyed
When I stumble upon the unknown
Without understanding the correct meaning
See the context, guess the relevance
I just move on

Would my words be pleased
Times when spellings are shortened
Vowels are skipped
Abbreviated lingo is used
I (mostly) write it complete
And is a (almost) religiously followed habit

Would my words be tired
For being in action 24X7
My words would perhaps say
More than us
You need a break
Give yourself a rest
And use us only from 7 to 11

Words are my best friends
I care how they feel
Be with me forever
Respecting you, always
Using you, wisely
Understanding you, properly
Writing you, correctly
Will be my endeavour

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