Poetic Corner

The answer can be ME

Don’t reinvent the wheel,
Follow set practices
Learn from the mistakes of others
Listen to the advice of our forefathers

Some pearls of wisdom as they say
Could come your way
As Solicited opinion or otherwise
While in the pursuit of new highs

Good as guidance
Great as checkpoint
Bad as boundary
Worse as starting point

Let your thoughts be not confined
Let your imagination go wild
Wear many hats,
Step into any shoes
Scan your ideas through varied views

Challenges and constraints you face
Let it not create a break
Focus not on “Why it can’t be done” to
but “What does it take”

To see something different
Do something different
To achieve something extraordinary
Do something extra than ordinary

Be persistent. Be practical
Fear not to question the radical
Be mindful. Be mindful
Think offbeat.
Explore, Experiment, Refine

When asked
“Who does it like that?”
The answer can be “ME”

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