Poetic Corner

One thing is clear

You wake up feeling restless
Can’t sleep feeling distressed
You see days pass by
Wondering how, where and why
Days turn into weeks
Weeks to months
Months to year
And comes a point
When you start to fear

So you start to introspect
If things are wrong
How to correct
If things are good
How to make it better
If things are best
Should I still rest?

You search for answers
More questions appear
You search for guidance
But its only within you,
That your doubts can clear

If the mistakes of the past
Are weighing you down,
One thing is clear
You need to forgive youself
And learn to move on

If the comfort of the present
Is making you hesitant
One thing is clear
Your goals need revision
And bigger needs to be
Your dreams and vision

If the uncertainty of future
Is not letting you commit
One thing is clear
You are what you choose
Believe in yourself and
Don’t be restricted by any limit

If progress and lives others
Has filled your heart with envy
Pursuit of becoming them
Has ended up in a burden
One thing is clear
You need to be who you are
For someone has rightly said,
Be yourself, others are already taken

If you know what’s to be done,
But are feeling shy
One thing is clear
You need to summon courage
To take the first flight
Then you’ll gain confidence to fly

Many more ifs
Many more doubts
Take it one by one
Eventually there will be none

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