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Always taken by a surprise

From the range of books (and also movies), I have read so far, mystery (or rather the unravelling of mysteries) is my favourite genre. And when it comes to crime mystery, Agatha Christie is one of the bests.

I still remember the awe which I was in, after reading the first Agatha Christie (it was Sad Cypress) and the needless to say it wasn’t the last.

The one I finished this time was Taken at the flood and the crime mystery is unraveled by the foreigner with an egg-shaped head, perfectly groomed and symmetrical moustache and impeccably organised even in his thoughts. Oh yes, the one and only, Hercule Piorot.

Hercule Piorot or should I say his creator Agatha Christie, have always managed to build up a thrilling, exciting and intriguing plot. Once the mystery is solved, in the hindsight I feel it was so simple, one just had to observe and connect the dots.

In this mystery, where an old man marries a pretty young girl and sudden death of his results his entire family getting stranded. Then there is another murder and given that everyone could have an underlying motive, who actually did it? While time I did manage to connect a few dots, the layers and cross connections which our dear lady manages to think and create a world out it, is really unfathomable.

As always, this crime mystery was an enjoyable read and probably that’s given for any Agatha Christie novel.

And while the characters in this plot were taken at the flood, as always, I was taken away by a surprise.

A recommended read for all Agatha Christie fans and having interest in crime fiction.

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