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When she roars…

Not so much and yet very much, its a Cecelia Ahern creation. ROAR is an inspirational, motivational and soulful account of what it means to be a woman. Collection of about 30 narratives showcasing the known and deepest feelings.

What I liked the most was the personification of ideas and thoughts which actually blurred the line between imagination and reality. Stories which which do not seem real but yet are so real.

From the commonly “assumed” perceptions to deep hidden emotions, each of the facet that was portrayed beautifully. Be it about the woman becoming invisible, or the one talking to ducks or the one with feather in her head or the one who just goes into her closet and roars, I could relate to everything, either myself or the women I know.

If this is all about women, should it be read by men too? This was question cropped up in my mind as I started writing about it. Then again I wondered, would my narration in anyway imply that this book should be definitely read if one wants to understand women.

I am strong believer of gender equality (giving due to respect to the natural differences and advantages each gender has). However, over the years of being oppressed and sidelined, the emotions, the feelings and the desires, get buried somewhere.

Roar has given that voice to those unsaid, suppressed and even unimagined facets of a woman.

Definitely, a recommended read.

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