Poetic Corner

Get. Set. Go

Succumbing to pressure
Burning out to stress
No one but you and you alone
Are responsible for this mess

Overwhelming is the feeling
Vulnerable is the state
Weakest point surfaces
When you leave everything to the fate

High are your ambitions
Vast are your goals
One side says
Yes, I can do it all
Other one questions
Have you forgotten your other roles?

There again, you fall flat
Setting priority is the next task
What should I do
What should I skip
Why can’t I do all
Is the only question I ask

Then also comes a thought
Is this the life I sought
Inspite of having it all
Why does if feel like having a great fall

This is not the me I know
Not taking charge but
Letting myself drift in flow
Not wanting to stand up
After being knocked down by a blow

contented to cribbing
firm to flipping
Steady to tripping
Pursuing to quitting
So much you have seen
Through so much you have been

You know what’s gone wrong
You know where you could have done better
You also know the path
To improve and make things neater

What you sow, is what you reap
What you think, that’s what you become
If you feel you haven’t given your best
Remember, it’s not end of the world yet
Pull up your socks, push yourself hard
Put in the efforts, have lot of faith
Universe then shall surely conspire
To ensure, what you dream is what you get

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