Poetic Corner

Its the time again..

Time of the year
When you are talk of the town
Showered with tokens of appreciation
Overwhelmed with kinds words and affection
Gratitude for you all around

Due respect to the respect given
Grateful for the words spoken
Still my heart keeps on thinking
All said and done,
Why is the gender bias still not shrinking?

At workplace,
You have the skills
You are proficient
Difference in pay scale
Shows more than one can tell
Perceived notions
Unsaid expectations
Create that divide
Under the pretext of
Flexi-work hours
Still cannot hide

At house,
They say it’s your rule
You are the queen
Sounds good
But is that what they mean
It’s your responsibility, assumed
No surprise, that’s the attitude
With which girls are groomed
You are the lady your house
Take care of it, and your spouse

I have been fortunate enough
No major biases, No discrimination
And life has not been tough
Out there, is still a majority
Facing the challenges
Restrictions laid by society

To all such women,
To all such brave hearts
I bow my head in reverence
And salute their perseverance
It’s their achievements
Their struggles and their fights
Makes this day important
To remind ourselves
To keep the fire burning within
Giving us the power and resilience
To sail through thick and thin

And also hoping for a day
When beings will be humans first
Than a man or a woman
For we all the same
Cause we all feel the rain

[PC – Photo by Lukas from Pexels]

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