Poetic Corner

The pinch

You can hide, but can’t escape
You can delay, but have to confront
Anxiously or calmly
Willingly or grudgingly
You have to bear the brunt

The thoughts keep coming back
As the day draws closer
How I wish I could fast forward to future
When this painful phase is just over

The left and right brain take their stands
One bringing up all the positives
It will be better, if not the best
Trying hard to assure
The other gets pragmatic
Says not better, will be best
If you prepare yourself.
For what you need to endure

The heart observes, the heart sees
Silently hoping the angst to ease
The heart knows no logic
Nor from anguish, it learns
As despite all, it still yearns

As the time flies,
All will be ok, as they say
Similar just as any other day
All said, All done
Momentary or Prolonged
The heart does flinch
For its one, to feel the pinch

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