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If I were to give

After reading The Giver Quartet by Lois Lowry and Three Thousand Stitches by Sudha Murthy, I have been wondering what is it that I want to give, or rather what it is that I can give.

Oct 2-8 is celebrated as Joy of Giving week and I do participate by way of giving “material” things. But is that giving all about?

If I were to give
What would it be I wonder
Something that’s dispensing
Or something without which
I cannot live

Clothes, Consumables,
Books, stationery n bags
Furniture, utensils, n rags
Old, unused or not needed
Functional or to be mended
Or maybe even new
For the needy in general
Or wants of a few

Is that all?

Can I give more
Not just material but beyond
Without any expectation and
(thinking) How others respond?

Can I give someone my time
For that’s part of my life
Which again can be never mine

Can I give free-handed
Without worrying what’s left behind
Without thinking in whose plate its landed

Can I give at cost of my convenience
Something that makes me deprive
Of what I call as my indulgence

Can I give (pass on) knowledge
The lessons I have learned,
Wisdom I gained
Giving it all without holding back
And not wanting someone to acknowledge

Can I give someone my care
Not limited to near and dear ones
But to needy and ones in despair

Can I give someone hope
Experiences, inspiration and motivate
Prepare for life’s lessons to cope

The answer is yes.

The more I think, it’s clear
Be it tangible or otherwise
Be it momentary or for eternity
Be it little or large
Giving is good
Giving gives you satisfaction
Provided the effort is sincere

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