If I can, I really can

An intense discussion with a friend, Frozen by Madonna in the backdrop, and the result is this –

Mirror reflects what it sees
What you see, may not always please
It’s ain’t about how you look
For behind the innocent face
There could be a hidden crook

Can you hide from yourself
Or your true friend
For both know not to pretend

From mild eye openers
To powerful kicks
You may get all
Still, you don’t act
As the clock just ticks

You defend, You justify
Have all arguments
For the own self to pacify
If’s n But’s take over
I should, I can get no owner

You agree, You accept
Knowing well
You need to correct
Get out of your comfort zone
There you start to moan

Enough of talking
Let’s get going
Says the heart from within
It’s the time now
For the transformation to begin

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