Identity crisis, ahem, once again

My little one, a kindergarten student, has a lot of time at her disposal (IMO). And sometimes there is a conflict between ‘productively’ spending time and just ‘passing’ the time Needless to state these are my views about the ‘to-be’ state vs. ‘as-is’ state. (The invisible consultant hat !!)

Now one of our (okay mine) daily routines in the morning is rushing through all the tasks so that we (well, she) are in time for her school. Yelling in low voice and cajoling at a high pitch, is what I have learnt (just kidding!!)

In the morning prime time, she was playing with one of her dolls and was dramatically telling me that her doll is unwell and she needs attention (sweet of her). I was trying to assess is that an excuse to skip the school.

Here is how the conversation goes between us –

Me : Why don’t we let the doll take some rest and let her get a good sleep. Once back from school, you can be the doctor and cure her.

She : (With a weird look) How can she be a doctor? I am her (the doll) mom

Me: So what? Moms can be doctors too. Remember your friend’s mum. She is a doctor. Isn’t she?

She: Yeah. Why are you not a doctor?

Me: Because I studied other subjects and now I am a..

There was a pause as I tried to figure out what should I say.

Actually, the dilemma was who am I or what am I? This question has been lingering in my mind for quite some time.

I recollect having this discussion with my friend and he said why are you limiting yourself to the words you know. Coin a new word, if you think that will describe you well.

The thought was lying somewhere and it surfaced up again today.

Coming back, the clock was ticking and I was lost thinking and that’s when my little one said, I know the answer.

‘You are the writing lady’

I was astonished, amused and also grateful for the answer she came up.

Maybe we would have had this discussion earlier. I often tell her how sincere and obedient I was and how my handwriting has been neat (to inspire her, but that’s in vain). That’s the thread she picked up.

I have always enjoyed writing but being tagged as writing lady (even if exaggeration) did sound nice.

When I narrated this to my friend (who have advised me to coin a new word) he said it’s good that I wasn’t branded as Gossiping Lady. (There’s another story behind it, maybe some other time).

Not sure if I can call this as an eye-opener but surely something which made me think. More importantly which made me write after a long time.

Well, after all that’s what a writing lady is supposed to do, isnt she?

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