Poetic Corner

I humbly bow in reverence

Sometimes you know the goal
But the path ain’t clear
Sometimes the path is known
Destination seems near
Still you feel lost
You look out for a purpose
You seek for direction
Feeling lost, Feeling confused
You think “Ab main kya karu?”
That’s when
Your plight is noticed,
Your case is forwarded
To the blessing, fondly called the “Guru”

Much before that, when the life begins
A student is born,
Eager to learn and evolve
Wanting to happy, healthy and wise
One wanders “Kaha se main karu shuru”
The voice is heard,
the prayer is answered
By a blessing, fondly called the “Guru”

In any form and shape
At any time and place
Whose existence, Whose presence
Makes everything look simplified
And confidence simply amplified
As a friend, philosopher, guide
The one who seeks, gets
The one who has open mind, lets
“Unhi ko hote hai rubaru”
The blessing, fondly called the “Guru”

On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima
To all my Gurus
From whom I have learned
To whom I look up to
Who have taught me, not only the skills
But the way of life and values to excel
Integrity, dedication and perseverance
I humbly bow in reverence

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