Poetic Corner

How can one not like mangoes!?

Despite the heat,
Despite the sweat,
Its for Summers, I eagerly wait
For that’s when my favourite fruit
Marks its onset

Treat not only to the tongue
But to the eyes, to the nose
And to the memories the heart has clung
The bright and fresh yellow
The sweet and sour taste
Feeling the warmth in the hand
I look at the Mango and say
“Not a lil’ bit I am gonna waste”

A mere mention
Sparks up the appetite
Felt by many, the craze for mangoes
Just seems so right !!

That’s when you hear someone say
“Well, I don’t like mangoes”
It sounds unreal, it sounds strange
And you say with a great dismay
“How can one not like mangoes?”

Some such rare species
Are part of life too
They themselves are and
Keep me too on my toes
Albeit the fact that
They don’t like mangoes

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