Poetic Corner

On the eve of Mother’s day

It’s a no-brainer
Any new origin or idea
Encompassing the whole
Often is represented by
The word Mother

Mother isn’t simply a name
But a gift from the God
Nicely put in a frame
Though difficult to be defined
Still, let me give it a try
Will I be close enough, if I say
Mother means
A Giver, A Nurturer, A Guide,
And unconditional love, personified!

Sensitive they always are
Children’s happiness they always look for
Regardless of time, day or night
Regardless of age, theirs or their kids
They remain the same
They think the same

We often say My Mom’s food is the best
And tastes better than the rest
Cause Mom’s magic and love is the catch
Which perhaps no one else can match
You be rude, or give her no time
She’ll feel hurt but will never complain
Whenever she deals with you
It’s always her heart, not the brain

I can go on and on and find new words
To express my feeling
But those will never be enough
To describe the first and the best blessing
My Mother

As you age, you realise it better
Its a fortune to have a mother
Also, what it means to step in that role
When your kids look up to you
As their model, world as a whole

The gratitude, the feelings
Are there all the while
Still on this day, the Mother of all days
Expressing it openly
All the mothers
Thank you for being there
Relax, feel good and SMILE 



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