Poetic Corner

What will be my Patronus?

In the lifeless night
Or the darkest hour
You need to hold on
To someone or to something
That gives you the courage
And gives you the power

Patronus as JK Rowling called
Harry and fellows used the charm
Life sucking acts of a dementor
Just got stalled

If I had a Patronus,
Wonder what that would be
An animal?
A bold and fearless Lion
Or a peace-loving dove
A person?
A renowned scion of the history
Or a person I love
Or could it remain a mystery

Does it need to be tangible?
Does it need to be visible?
Could it itself be a lifeless thing
Or an emotion or a feeling?
Could it be a string of words
Also, the manner of telling?

Will there be only one
Or I can keep many
How wonderful it would be
To build a collection
And pick and choose any

Dementors can be several
Some attacking from outside
Some emerging from within
No matter if one of many
Patronus works the best
When it’s internal
And aligns with what you believe in!

[Patronus and Dementors are JK Rowling’s creation in her Harry Potter Series.]

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