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Do beliefs get stronger with age?

Never give up, face the situations boldly and most importantly, have belief in yourself !!

This would be my answer if I had to summarise the learning from the old man’s experience with the sea. Yeah, I am talking about Ernest Hemingway’s book, The Old Man and The Sea.

Looking at the size of the book, I have taken a considerably long time to finish. Actually had picked up this one a few months ago but couldn’t read beyond a few pages. Primarily because I rarely do anything fishy !! So all the terms such as sardines, stiff, tiller, etc. did not make much sense to me nor did I try to educate myself regarding those.

Under usual circumstances, I would have written off the book, however, there something which drew me back to the old man always. Well, was it his optimistic approach towards life? Or sheer confidence in himself that no matter whatever age he is, how much strength is left in him, that he’ll have a great catch one day !!

Yes, I was waiting for that day and felt sad for whatever happened after his great catch.

In spite of having absolutely no knowledge about fishing, if I could visualise the old man, his techniques and his fight with massive sharks, I need not have to say anything more about how beautifully the author has put together this adventure.

More than adventure, or more than a mere fishing experience, I feel this book is a classic example of determination. An old classic of an old man is a must read !!

If you think you can, you really can !!


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