Poetic Corner

3 sides of a coin

Of the three, two friends are discussing what is knowledge, what is knowing and what is absolute and what is relative. The third friend, a silent spectator, not sure of her own perspective said

What do I contribute to the discussion
For only the wise know the difference between what’s real and what’s illusion
Rather what’s absolute and whats relative
A simple and naive mind of mine
Doesn’t know where to draw the line

A new thread opened up as an open-ended statement

Every story has 3 perspectives, first one is of first friend, second comes from second, the third one…

The third friend thought

If a coin had 3 sides,
Wonder what would be the third

If picked by a nerd
Story will pass unheard
For the side would be dissected
In detail would be inspected
Theories would be prepared
Philosophies would be shared
Discussion would be in a different orbit
Out of an ordinary minds ambit

If it falls in the artists hand
The side gets its own position to stand
Imagination is in full swing
Like a masterpiece in the making
Not bounded to follow
Logic and structure
What appears to be a side
Could be the centre of a great big picture

If it enters the world of geeks
There’s chaos, there’s confusion
For what’s formidable, the side seeks
Made of bit and byte
Their world is black and white
No place for grey
That’s all this third side can say

That’s when the day ended, but not the discussion. Someday the thread will be picked up and perspectives will be awakened again.

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