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Not all promises are broken

What seemed like a simple and obvious story at the beginning eventually turned out to be painful yet a heart-touching reflection of the situation today.

Women have been oppressed for a long time, at different levels, unknown to self at times and suffering silently at times. It may not be appropriate to make this as a generalized statement as there are examples of women being treated with respect and dignity. I do not have any statistics with me to prove what is more prevalent.

The trending #MeToo revelations are shocking to hear and know.

The Scarlet Promise by Sangeeta Kathuria takes us through the ordeal of a girl, who has been a victim of emotional and physical abuse. And the situation gets worsened due to pressures of the so-called society.

Seems like nothing new and probably something one hears every now and then. By the time you are through with the book, the distinction between it being a fiction or a reality gets blurred. It hurts as well.

I always have liked happy endings and was so glad and the end was how I would have liked. And they live happily ever after !!

A nightmare to a fairy tale, how does that happen? Power of love and friendship can do wonders. Read the book and reinstate the belief.

A short and soulful read.

To get a copy of the book, check out the author’s website here.


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