Poetic Corner

Wanna talk?

Problems of the mankind
To the issues that bother your mind
Politics of the nation
And technologies that create sensation
Past experiences and expert advice
Be it shopping recommendation
Or words of wisdom to help you take decision
Sometimes nonsense chatter
To things that really matter
Anything under the sun, you can talk
With a friend beside and a road to walk

It’s not words alone
The connect in the eyes
Expressions on the face
Smiles and laughter
Add to the conversation
A beautiful grace

Sometimes the best are the chats
When nothing is said
Blessed are the ones who find
Someone who understands
What’s going on in your head

Real or virtual
Silent or animated
You need to talk
Else get frustrated
As much as outside as needed within
To keep the conversation get going
For your own well being

So take out some time
Best if becomes a routine
Get closer to your friends
Keep your minds fresh and clean.

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