Poetic Corner

Can you please stop.. Oh time

Oh Time,

Could you for once freeze
For Looking at my lil one grow
Gently, lovingly yet steadily
Scary to realise
Years are passing like a breeze

The toothless cute smile
Has now turned pretty
Dimples not the chubby cheeks
Are now a beauty
Sweet and innocent eyes then
Are now nothing but naughty

Chatterbox you have always been
Now more are the words, also bigger
Social animal you always been
Now you are shaping up as a leader

Growing is natural
Life is always on the run
As they say,
Time and Tide wait for none

Still once for a while
I want the time to stay
So that I can be with you
The same old way

Years down the line,
Will again be in this state
Looking at your photos
Wandering in your childhood days
May be asking time
Can you please rewind
So that I can experience
Once again
All that’s left behind

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