Poetic Corner

You are special !

As necessary as
Pen and paper
Or as complementary as
Bread and butter
Or even as different as
Chalk and cheese
People walk into your life
Some enter with friction
While others with ease

For a while or forever
For reason or for season
They touch your life
Or teach you a lesson

Memorable are those
Where the start ain’t great
But the end is all well
Strangers graduating to friends
Relationship blooming beautifully
As a pearl developing in a shell

Cherishable are those
Where the start is cautious
And the role is small
A slow and steady evolution
Making it a complete overhaul

A mentor, a teacher
A Friend, a philosopher or a guide
Whatever name you tag
All packaged in one
Is the best goody in your bag

Shining like a Pole Star
To show you way in the dark
Encouraging for every
New journey you embark
Smoldering your fears
Wiping your tears
Making your happiness grand
And always lending a helping hand

Not mere words,
The feelings are indeed true
And so I say my friend,
I have been lucky,
To have these found in you !!

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