Poetic Corner

If my mind had facets

If my mind had facets
One would be experienced and the other novice
One wanting me to be prepared,
think before I jump
Other wanting me to move on,
no matter if its problem that I bump

If my mind had facets
One would be practical and other would be impulsive
One saying hang on to what you have,
not disturb whats set
Other saying just go with flow,
learn from all that you get

If my mind had facets
One would be lazy and other would be determined
One convincing me I have the best,
I could have
Other pushing me to get,
what I deserve to have

If my mind had facets
One would be contented and other would be passionate
One showing me I have all,
that I need
Other letting me discover the path,
I should tread

I know my mind has facets
Each one trying to
overpower the other
I just wish I had only one
Of being wise and not otherwise
Which constantly reminded me
Its ok to be in confusion
Its fine to get lost
Its normal to make mistakes
Its required to follow your dreams
Its essential to move on
Its a must to follow your intuition
Its necessary to trust yourself
Its always darkest before the dawn

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