Go for it !!

As they say, it’s not always too late to start again.

I had taken up the routine of finding and posting quotes and positive thoughts every day on my twitter account and then a summary of selected ones for the blog at end of the month.

The routine continued for a while and then it got interrupted. I have had enough of convincing myself for not being able to follow the routine. (Again) As they say, if you want to do something you’ll find means to do it, else only excuses.

So here am I, back in action again with a small twist. Instead of posting just the quote on twitter, I will put it here on the blog along with some analysis and thoughts. Just another way of reinstating the positive vibes.

Thought for today is

Go for it. No matter how it ends, it was an experience – Unknown

Finally, I have done it!!

While I have always enjoyed writing, at times I hesitate to pen down my thoughts thinking that how will it read like, does it sound too naive, what if there are grammatical errors and so on. This has often slowed down my writing.


I will now try to keep aside all my doubts and worries and just GO FOR IT !!

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