Poetic Corner

Monsoon Magic

The learned and the wise
Penned down their lessons
And passed on the advice
Some of those I pick up today
Which makes me ponder
And think more than just twice

You see what you want to see
Beholder decides the beauty
More than what you see
Matters how you see
That’s how one defines
Glass is half full or half empty

With the monsoon casting a spell again
I feel lazy and I want to be cozy
Mere thought makes me happy
Brings up a smile
That’s when I hear
Someone complaining
And someone cribbing
About the Mumbai Rains
All this while

Potholes, muddy roads, and damp air
Make many despair
Oh! The Clothes don’t dry
Ah ! the Travel is a nightmare
And if that wasn’t enough
Cough, cold, malaria and flu
Do its part to spread the blue

I quietly listen, I try to empathize
But all in vain
As always I get swayed by spell
What can be as magical as rain?

Summer dust is gone
Trees get a new look
Light drizzle to heavy showers
Sharp lightening to loud thunders
Gurgling streams to gushy winds
Smell of wet earth
Oh my, the nature’s gift
Is of unmatched worth

I delve into my childhood memories
In the green woods
We walk and we talk
Topping it up with ice-creams
And steaming hot coffee
The same charm continues
Now with a color of selfie

Call it Indian monsoon
Or the Mumbai Rain
Feeling so refreshed from within
Thinking of it simply again !!

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