Poetic Corner

At par

Gender quality
I can’t seem to get it
Men are from Mars
Women are from Venus
Thats how my naive mind
Looks at it.

Fighting for equal rights
Ending up in reserversation
Dosen’t this in itself
Result in another discrimination

Their DNA and structure
Is designed to differ
So that they complement
N flow smooth like a river

One challenges the other
In the quest of being superior
Just to realise
Everyone loses, no one is a winner

Men drove, women cooked
Times changed, so did we
And a lot we forgot to see

Women are encouraged
To take up more
Can she keep house and kids
Really parked at the door

Some ridicule, some snap
Some appreciate, some clap
Compared to her male peers
Also to her counter part
And then gets judged by one n all
For always thinking from her heart

Why all this
If Shiv and Shakti are always equal
Not the status nor the position
Raises up the bar
Mutual respect and understanding
Comes naturally
If you treat each other at par

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