More about soul than soup!!


Yeah, it’s an easy book. Finally, I finished the another one in the Chicken Soup for Soul series, and this is one which I had picked up long back.

This time it was about friendship.

FRIEND..no words can describe it, still a feeble attempt of mine..

A word that rings a bell
Lifts your spirits
And casts a spell.
Shakes the world for you
Makes the day for you.

Nah, it’s not a word
It’s a person
Who’s there for you
For no reason
Yet for every season
Cares for you and
Dares for you.

No, it’s not a person either
It’s a feeling
It’s a blessing
It can be the happiness
It can be your solace
Fortunate are those
Who find this feeling in their space

Well, it ain’t a feeling too
It’s part of you
Life is incomplete
Living can become a dead end
If you don’t have…

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