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Am I (or was I) the best wife too?

A little bit of background first..

I was having a discussion with my colleague who is getting married in a couple of days. Being an experienced player in this field I was telling her about the shift in priorities. Our conversation made me wonder, which role I am playing now?

And that’s when I came across this book, the title of which I found quite fascinating and fitting well in the context of the conversation and realisation about my priorities. You are the Best Wife by Ajay Pandey is a sweet, touching and inspirational story. The journey right from getting attracted to becoming friends, falling in love, staying apart, convincing families and finally getting married is so real and much more magical.

Everything good until a tragedy hits them.

While I liked the story, I think the reading experience would have been better if at the book didn’t start with narrating the tragedy. Because of this, there was a predictability in the book. That kept me anxious all the time, and even when the happy moments narrated thereon, I wondered is the tragedy going to happen now.

It’s a simple and emotional. Just that I wish they had a happy ending.


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